Wire Transfers

Our Wire Transfer service makes moving funds quick and safe. The following will help you learn more about any transfer fees or information needed when processing a specific wire transfer.

Wire Fees

  • Incoming Domestic – $5.00
  • Outgoing Domestic – $25.00
  • Incoming International – $55.00
  • Outgoing International – $55.00

Domestic Outgoing Wire

All domestic outgoing wires require the following information.

  • Originator Name
  • Originator's Physical Address (Street Address)
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary's Physical Address (Street Address)
  • Beneficiary's Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • Bank's Physical Address (Street Address)
  • Bank's Routing Number
  • Any further credit instructions

Domestic Incoming Wire

Wire to:

411 Grand Avenue
Plains, Kansas 67869
ABA Routing #101109923

For further credit to:(Account Holder's Name)
(Account Holder's Physical Address)
(Account Holder's City, State, & Zip Code)
Account #

Helpful Information

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