Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are a safe and secure way to store your valuables. From a family keepsake to legal documents and jewelry, a safe deposit box can provide you with piece of mind.

Our boxes range from 2 x 2 to 11 x 15 and are sure to meet any need you may have. We offer a secure, convenient and accessible place safeguard your valuables.

Boxes are currently only available at the Plains, Lakin and Salina BANK VI Ohio Branches. 

SizeAnnual Fee
2 x 5$10.00
3 x 5$14.00
4 x 5$16.00
5 x 5$18.00
3 x 10$22.00
5 x 10$32.00
10 x 10$50.00
11 x 15$65.00
Lost Key$25.00
Drilling Fee$50.00

NOTE: Box sizes vary by location. 


Helpful Information

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