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Q: Who is eligible for Mobile Check Deposit?

A: Customers who are enrolled in Mobile Banking, have an eligible checking and savings account and have completed a Mobile Deposit Application. Any customer not eligible for Mobile Deposit will receive a message that the account is not currently eligible for the Mobile Deposit service when trying to access it with the mobile app.


Q: How secure is Mobile Deposit?

A: Mobile Deposit offers the same security protection that we provide to you with Online Banking. For added protection, the images of your checks are stored securely at the Bank and not on your mobile phone. You will also receive a confirmation message when your deposit has been submitted.


Q: Is there a fee for the Mobile Deposit service?

A: There is no fee for using Mobile Deposit at this time, but we recommend that you check with your service provider to see if there are any wireless carrier fees.


Q: Are there any limitations on the size of the deposit?

A: There is no limit for number of deposits allowed. You may make deposits of up to $5000 per day. Any requests for increased limits will require additional approval.


Q: What type of checks can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?

A: You may only deposit paper items that you have the legal right to accept and are made payable in your name. These checks must be drawn on an institution located in the United States that have a MICR line. These checks cannot be altered in any way. It may not be an item that has been previously deposited or negotiated in any way. For full details, please review our terms and conditions.


Q: When will my deposit be available?

A: Deposits made after the daily cut-off time (currently 2:00PM Central Standard Time) shall be deemed as received by us the following business day and will show in your account after posing that night, unless rejected during Deposit Review. This means that a deposit made after the cut-off time, on a weekend or federally observed holiday shall show as pending review, be scheduled to post the next business day and will not show in your account history for two business days.


Q: Does the back of the check need to be endorsed?

A: Yes, please sign the check as made payable on the front of the check. If the check is payable with “and”, then all persons listed (payees) must endorse the check to be accepted for deposit. Those persons must also be owners on the account the check is being deposited into. Underneath the endorsement(s), please write For Mobile Deposit Only PSB and the current date.


Q: What should I do with the check after I have successfully completed my deposit?

A: You must securely store each original check for 30 days after the receipt of confirmation that we have received the deposit. After the full deposit has posted and 30 days have passed, you may mark the check “VOID” and destroy it. You understand that you are responsible for any loss caused due to your failure to secure the original check(s).